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Website Design

My Site
Flash MX

If you came directly to my portfolio page, and didn't get a chance to see my site, here it is.

Shaw Flooring
Flash CS3

Flash micro site built to showcase the various Shaw Flooring "I Want a Floor Like That" ad Campaign. The site was deigned to show both Print Ad Campaign and the Television Ad Campaign.

Coke Polar Bear E-Card
Flash CS3

Flash micro site built for Coca-Cola's 2007 annual Holiday Polar Bear Campaign.

Petra Nemcova
Flash CS3

I was one the key developers/designers that helped bring this Flash micro site to life, for HP the Computer is Personal Again Campaign.

HP Print Studio

All of the printable assets for this HP Adobe Flex app, are created and delivered via Adobe In-Design. HP needed a quick an easy way port these assets into Print Studio using XML to describe and re-create each printable piece. I was called upon to create a automated solution to this problem. Using Adobe’s Extended Scripting Language (based on JavaScript) I wrote a script that would run in Adobe In-Design and create an XML document, that could be read by Print Studio.

Josh Davis Flash
Flash CS3

I created this great little Flash piece too display Josh Davis's artwork for HP's Digital Printing Campaign.

HP Digital Home Entertainment
Flash CS3

I created this Flash piece for HP, to be easily editable via XML. A few easy edits to a XML file and it can be used over and over again in different areas of the web site, saving HP tons of development time and money.

Digital Frog
Flash MX/XML

This is my site, under the name Digital Frog.

eBrand Communications
Flash MX

Website built with Flash MX. This site is a work in progress.

Disney's California Adventure

Website Design Comp

Guardian Investor

Website Design - Winner of the Darbar Award for Best Website Design.

Southside Vineyard Church
Flash MX

Website built with Flash MX.

Emerging Strategy
Flash 5.0

Emerging Strategy demanded quick load time, even for 28.8 modems. Using Flash, I was able to reduce the file size by almost 50% over traditional HTML while also solving the cross browser issues associated with normal HTML websites.

Bekins Web Site

Just your basic website.

HyperMedia Demo Web Site

Nifty little experimental website. I used some very different ideas for the design and UI. This site is an incomplete demo site, but the about path is complete. Hint: Slide the Rocks


Worked with a large team of developers, to design and build the Quixtar site, Amway Corps. presence on the web.

Fun - Games - eLearning

8 Professional

Created for a Adidas online interactive promotion, pick your 5 favorite Adidas Heritage NBA shoes, and drag them into the number slots at the top of the page.

Peter Pan Adventure Game
Flash 8 Professional

Peter Pan Adventure Treasure Hunters Game, created as an online interactive promotion for ConArga Foods. You search the island and attempt to dig up the jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

Slot Machine
Flash 8 Professional

Slot Machine Instant Win Game, created as an online interactive promotion. Click on the play button, when you feel lucky, click on the stop buttons. If you get 3 of the same symbols in a row, you are a potential winner.

UPS Global Slot Machine Game
8 Professional

Slot Machine Instant Win Game, created as an online interactive promotion for UPS.  This Slot Machine has a little different visual effect. Click on the play button, when you feel lucky, click on the stop buttons. If you get 3 of the same symbols in a row, you are a potential winner.

Zen Garden
Flash 8 Professional

Reveal and Win Game, created as an online interactive promotion. Drag the rake over the Zen Garden to see if you are a winner.

Flash MX/XML

To make this demo a little more entertaining I use Classic Rock Trivia as the subject matter. This E-Learning module is driven by XML so it can be easily updated and changed. It takes e-learing into a completely multimedia experience with pictures and sound, and could also include video. Not only does it show you overall results, but it also breaks your score down into categories, so the end user can visually see areas where they can use improvement.

Talking Web Character
Director MX 2004/Flash MX 20004

Requires Shockwave Player 10. Talking Character built originally as part of a CD based trivia game. I adapted this character to run on the web for demo purposes. You type it he'll say it.

Flash MX 2004

Requires Flash Player 7. Based on the popular 1970's game Simon. This fun little time waster was built with Flash MX 2004.

Memory Game
Flash MX 2004/XML

Requires Flash Player 7. This Classic Memory Game is built with Flash MX 2004. Flip the cards and match the animals. Your best score is tracked by fewest turns to match all 12 pairs, and by your best time. After you match each pair of animals, you can click on the animal picture and hear the sound that animal makes.

Web Streaming Radio
Flash MX 2004/XML

Requires Flash Player 7. An editable XML playlist, drives this web based streaming MP3 player, built with Flash MX 2004. The player grabs the MP3's ID3 tags to display information, such as Artist, Song, Album, and Genre. A 150 X 150 jpeg of the album cover can be displayed for each song. One could set-up a web based radio station with no special sever-side software.

Chinese Jigsaw Puzzle
Flash 5.0

I created this demo when a client of mine in Hawaii wanted to put several of these puzzles on his website to offer some entertainment value. (Have you ever seen a cuter puppy?)

Ground Zero
Flash MX

A very unique aerial view of Ground Zero before and after the attack of 9/11, built with Flash MX.

Puppy Dance
Flash 5.0

Experimental piece created with Flash 5.0. Choreograph the puppy dance by moving the mouse cursor around on the screen.

HTML and Flash 5.0

The objective here was to create a web-based training course to educate retail sales representatives of the Siemens Corporation on the features, functions, and benefits of the SpeedStream Home Networking Product Line. As well as designing the look and feel and creating the HTML, I designed and created the quiz piece using Macromedia Flash 5.0. I created the flash quiz so that the client could quickly and easily update the quiz by editing a simple text file.

Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

I started this shoot-em-up game just for fun. It is still in need of sound, special effects, a ton of graphic work, and general tweaking, but it does demonstrate the basic game building skills.
Move the mouse right and left to control the gun ship.
Hit the Space Bar to fire.


Flash MX 2004

Calender component. This is a very light weight component, only 4K, and it is all vector so it can scaled to any size.

Analog Clock
Flash MX 2004

Analog Clock component, built with three different face styles. This is a very light weight component, only 3K, and it is all vector so it can scaled to any size.

Flash Custom Timer Components
Flash MX 20004

Timers are something I use quite a bit. So, I built two timer components, the standard timer simply keeps track of how long something is taking place. The Count Down Timer, counts down in seconds, and triggers an event when it hits zero.


Flash MX

Artistic experiments using Flash MX and OOP.

Flash MX

Artistic experiments using Flash MX and OOP.

Flash MX

Artistic experiments using Flash MX and OOP.

Flash Intros

Flash MX

Self promo animation

Old Brown Shoes
Flash 5.0

Just a fun little self promo animation, based on the Beatles Classic "Old Brown Shoes".

Orlando Website Design
Flash 5.0

Get into the swing... with Central Florida's premier website designer.

Drew Nelson
Flash 5.0

This is a website introduction to promote Drew Nelson's new CD "Recovering Angels". Keep your eyes open.

Life Systems
Flash 5.0

Flash intro for Life Systems, the makers of ChiroPlus+ Office, ChiroPad 2001, and Chiro for the Pocket PC, software for chiropractic professionals.

Choitz LTD
Flash 5.0

High energy, intense flash intro for Choitz LTD. We set out to grab the users attention with lots of color, movement, and a driving soundtrack. Put on your sunglasses and fasten your seat belt, this one is in your face.

Virtual Technologies
Flash 5.0

A simple but effective flash intro for Virtual Technologies, combining both animation and sound.

HyperMedia Webmerical
Director 7 Shockwave and Flash 4 loop

This is a web commercial to promote a company's HyperMedia services.

Fine Art

Fine Art
Mixed Media

A very small sampling of fine art pieces, that where done over the years.

ANSi Art

ANSi Art

Dave aka hoaks was a member of iCE in 1994 and 1995. iCE Advertisements is a digital art group formed in 1991. Although the expanded title is rarely ever used, iCE is an acronym for Insane Creators Enterprise. iCE, along with ACiD Productions, has been one of the most prominent and critically successful groups on the underground computer artscene.The group originally specialized in the creation of ANSI artwork for BBSes and MCGA graphics. During the BBS-era, their biggest competitor was ACiD Productions

ANSI art is a computer artform that was widely used at one time on BBSes. It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols — all codes found in IBM code page 437, often referred to as extended ASCII and used in MS-DOS environments. ANSI art also contains special ANSI escape codes that color text with the 16 foreground and 8 background colours offered by ANSI.SYS, an MS-DOS device driver loosely based upon the ANSI X3.64 standard for text terminals. Some ANSI artists take advantage of the cursor control sequences within ANSI X3.64 in order to create animations, commonly referred to as ANSImations. ANSI art and text files which incorporate ANSI codes carry the de facto .ANS file extension.

Misc. Design


A very small sample of various logos I've done over the years.

Web Design Comps
Photoshop 7

Various design comps, spanning a wide range of design styles.

Print Work

A very small sample of various print work projects I've done over the years.


3D Product Rotater
Director MX/Maya 5.0

Rotate and view product from any angle, in a realtime 3D world.

3-2-1 LIFT OFF!
Swift 3D, Flash MX

Built with Swift 3D and Macromedia Flash MX. This is a fun little overhead view of a shuttle launch.

Not My House!
Swift 3D, Flash MX

A 3D fly by of a very nice house on a hill. Built with Swift 3D and Macromedia Flash MX. These 3D Flash files are a little bit on the large size. But the end result is quite amazing and well worth the overhead.

Another House
Swift 3D, Flash MX

A smaller house, a smaller file, a smoother fly by. Again like the example above, built with Swift 3D and Macromedia Flash MX.

3D Drive
Swift 3D, Flash MX

A short 3D drive down a section of Expressway, built with Swift 3D and Macromedia Flash MX.

Streaming Video

360 Panoramic VR
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

I built these as test samples for a client who wanted 360 Panoramic QuickTime VR's. Using Macromedia Director, I created the exact same thing without the additional cost of development software and avoided the need for users to download additional plug-ins for viewing. The result was that these little shockwave pieces worked perfectly for the client's needs and where much smaller, saving download time.

UI Design and Misc. Stuff

Photo Slide Show
Flash MX and XML

I wanted an easy way to share photos with family and friends up north. So, I created this Flash Slide Show piece. I designed it to load the photos dynamically from external files so it could be updated with very little effort. Simply upload the new photos, edit the XML file that stores the photo titles/descriptions and it's done.

Photo Slide Show Version 2.0
Flash MX and XML

Again it's very easy to update: upload the new pictures and edit the XML file and your done. I made the user interface much easier to use, fewer clicks, and much less mouse movement. The pictures will auto scale if they are too big for the screen.

Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

This experimental piece can be used as either a website introduction or a screensaver.

Color It!
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

This piece is an experimental coloring book, just for fun. It's the kind of thing that would be great for a kids' entertainment website.

Drag and Drop Prototype 1
Flash 5.0

The objective was to build a drag and drop interface for a web based application, where objects could be selected from a scrollable list (top), copied, and then dragged to a new grouping (bottom).

Drag and Drop Prototype 2
Flash 5.0

Same objective as above drag and drop project; this solution includes grouping objects in a expandable tree (left).

Prototype Bubble UI
Flash 5.0

This is a prototype flash UI. It incorporates drags and pop-up visual effects.

Prototype Spin UI
Flash 5.0

This is an experimental flash menu. It incorporates a lot of movement and visual variety..

Prototype Slide UI
Flash 5.0

This is a prototype of a help menu without the screen clutter. Click on the help symbol in the upper right corner and the online information slides into place, when finished click the arrow, bottom left and the content slides back out of site.

Experimental Interface
8.0 Shockwave Studio

This is an experimental interface, clean and very usable, coupled with cutting edge design.

Secure Access Control Pad
Director 7.0 Shockwave Studio

This is a demo for access to secure information or a website. It is a bit more fun than a plain password window.

HyperMedia Demo
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

Designed as an interface for a CD ROM. This is a prototype HyperMedia project, but the information for the about path is complete.

Grand Rapids 1915
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

Designed as a screensaver, this piece shows a panoramic view of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan 1915. You know you always wanted to know what it looked like then.

CyberNET Engineering
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

Designed as an intro for a CD ROM. A very dynamic piece worth taking a look at.

Customer Service
Director 8.0 Shockwave Studio

This is a demo for a multi-user utility for web based customer service. Includes live chat, shared whiteboard, and the ability to send users to a URL in a new browser window.

Screen Shots of older WebSites (1995-98)

Music Revue
Received the Best of the Web award for 1996

American Country
Sister Magazine to Music Revue.

Festival 98
Grand Rapids Annual Arts Festival




Inter@ctive Design

City Revue

Vineyard East

Taper Stop Smoking System

Louis Gallery


Professional Hair Care


Inter@ctive Design

Toys for Tots


The Underground